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Analysis of the current situation of China’s valve industry

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Keywords: South Small North Big ,South High North Low ,South New North Old.

Table of Contents

South Small North Big

The so-called South Small North Big,That is, the south mainly produces small-diameter valves, and the north mainly produces large-diameter valves. South High North Low, That is, the South mainly produces high-pressure valves, and the north mainly produces low-pressure valves. South New North Old, That is, South Valve Factory are all emerging companies after the reform and opening up. They are all outstanding companies that survived fierce competition with the development of the market. They are all through capital accumulation, technology discussion and digestion, and production experience gradually accumulating. Only in order to stand firm in the market, develop, and grow. The valve companies in the north, especially in Liaoning, are all factories after the restructuring of the former national heavy industry base enterprises. It has three advantages. One is a strong technical force and the other is professional staff quality. Third, the raw material resources are abundant and cheap. This is because many large-scale steel plants, power plants, and other large-scale industrial enterprises in the Northern Industrial Base provide strong backing and safeguard for Northern Valve.

Southern Valve Factory

As startups Southern Valve Factory, In order to avoid the competition with Beifang Valve and the lack of technical experience, the advantages of Beifang Valve were avoided from the beginning—Large diameter valve. Starting from a small-caliber, after long-term development, many valve factories are now large in scale. This is because first, starting from scratch, with small burdens and scientific management. Seize the development opportunity. The second is the large amount of small-caliber valves, which are suitable for mass production, can be produced in large quantities, and are also suitable for the professional production of parts. This makes these well-developed valve factories have a lot of room for development and can have more professional assembly lines and The advanced production equipment of the machining center also makes the factories producing small-caliber valves larger in scale and higher in output value.

northern valve factory

On the contrary, the northern valve factory mainly produces large-caliber valves, and the company has a long production history (for example, our factory was formerly the first large-caliber valve factory in China, with a production history of more than 80 years). Its advantage lies in its strong technical force. And skilled production management and experience, but the characteristics of the North as a large-diameter valve production base determines that the production scale of the North Valve Factory cannot be too large, because the large-diameter valves are mostly produced in small batches, and the general order quantity is small and the technology is complicated. Large-caliber valves are not suitable for large-volume assembly line operations, and production is also made to order, and there can be no large-volume inventory. The opportunities for cooperation between various factories are not great (unlike the southern professional production of parts).

the difference between the north and south valves

Based on the above, the difference between the north and south valves is determined by the nature of the factory itself. Excellent valve companies in the north and south are the new force in the development and construction of our country. As a typical northern valve manufacturer, our company is a professional factory for the production of large-diameter valves. We have all the advantages of large-diameter valve production. We have the largest CNC vertical lathe in the valve production factory; professional large-diameter valve production equipment, we The designers and production line workers are all excellent employees of the former state-owned valve factory.

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