About FCValves

FCV helps wholesalers and brand owners to provide large-caliber valve manufacturing and design customization services through a top-notch technical team and modern production lines.

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80 years and counting

As a leader in the manufacture of large-diameter valves in the water treatment, metallurgy and power generation industries, FCV has successfully provided customized large-diameter valves for large and small brands for more than 80 years with its rich expertise and expertise.

Using cutting-edge technology, we, as FCV, have established a mature large-diameter valve production base through our factory and sales office in Tieling City, Liaoning Province, China, thus enabling FCV’s business to spread all over the world. Passionate about our business, we have been constantly expanding the limits of our expertise in order to provide high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly product solutions for many international brands.

A spherical building and three rectangular tall buildings beside Ruyi Lake FCVAL Office exterior,

Large-caliber high-quality manufacturing

Key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.

years Of valve production history
1000 +
tons of semi-finished products reserves
180 +
Square sheet of warehouse and factory
100 +
has more than 100 model valves
50 +
Exported countries

Mission & Vision

Exceptional services

We provide exceptional services to all of our customers and put them at the heart of our decisions.

Low environment impact

We have launched a sustainable framework to reduce our use of materials and energy in the production process.

Strong communities

We understand the social value generated by our development, and one of our key priorities is integrating philanthropy into our business model.

"By listening carefully, we are actually responding. This is our mission to meet the global Valve Products requirements and continue to reduce energy emissions, continuously optimize designs and production lines, and invest in the communities we serve."
Roe Chief Executive Officer

Medium and low pressure valve testing center

We have the “Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” approved by the Liaoning Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, and the “Liaoning Provincial Engineering Laboratory” approved by the Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

We have more than 100 sets of various inspection and testing equipment, which can meet all-round testing content in the valve production process. First, conduct chemical composition, physical analysis, and mechanical performance tests on materials. Secondly, inspect the structure length, size, accuracy, weld seam, the roughness of the valve. Finally, all the contents related to the valve’s sealing, strength, torque, life, flow, vacuum, paint, and cleanliness before leaving the factory are comprehensively inspected, so that the product can meet the required standards in the final inspection process.