Flow control valve

Manual/Electric Actuated/ Needle/Plunger type Flow Control valve able to be operated remotely and able to interact with a flowmeter.

piston-type Flow control valve

Flow control valve

The Piston Type Flow Regulating Valve reciprocates in the direction of the centerline of the pipeline through the piston in the valve to increase or decrease the cross-sectional area of the outlet to adjust the flow rate.

There are four types of valve outlets: E type is suitable for throttling, F type is suitable for opening and closing, and S and L types are suitable for adjustment. The electric type can be made into an automatic adjustment type to adjust the media parameters in the pipeline.

Standard: Q/TF-B27L.01、BS、ISO、DIN

Nominal pressure: PN0.6-1.6MPa

Nominal diameter: DN250-1600mm

Suitable temperature: ≤80℃

Main material: Grey cast iron, Ductile cast iron , Alloy cast iron

Sealing material: Rubber – Stainless steel

Leakage: ISO5208Class A

Driving type: Manual  Motor  Hydraulic

Flow control valve size chart DN250-1500 PN1.0/1.6MPa


Flow control valve Kv-opening curve DN1000 PN16

flow control valve Kv-opening curve

flow control valve flow-opening curve DN1000 PN16

flow control valve flow-opening curve