Flow control valve

Manual/Electric Actuated/ Needle/Plunger type Flow Control valve able to be operated remotely and able to interact with a flowmeter.

piston-type Flow control valve

Flow control valve

The piston-type regulating valve reciprocates in the direction of the centerline of the pipeline through the piston in the valve to increase or decrease the cross-sectional area of the outlet to adjust the flow rate.

There are four types of valve outlets: E type is suitable for throttling, F type is suitable for opening and closing, and S and L types are suitable for adjustment. The electric type can be made into an automatic adjustment type to adjust the media parameters in the pipeline.

Standard: Q/TF-B27L.01、BS、ISO、DIN

Nominal pressure: PN0.6-1.6MPa

Nominal diameter: DN250-1600mm

Suitable temperature: ≤80℃

Main material: Grey cast iron, Ductile cast iron , Alloy cast iron

Sealing material: Rubber – Stainless steel

Leakage: ISO5208Class A

Driving type: Manual  Motor  Hydraulic

Flow control valve size chart DN250-1500 PN1.0/1.6MPa


Flow control valve Kv-opening curve DN1000 PN16

flow control valve Kv-opening curve

flow control valve flow-opening curve DN1000 PN16

flow control valve flow-opening curve