From1935 to the present experience

has given the reliability of our FCValves gives you peace of mind in terms of design application,service life, and maintenance. Most of our products are still in service and in good condition.

FCV Supply Chain

We are a supplier of large diameter low-pressure valves and Penstock

Our business model aims to make it easy for customers to manufacture large-caliber valves. We can design, manufacture, store, transport valves, and do more. We provide a series of pre-designed products and services aimed at simplifying piping design and increasing profits.

For any market or industry, one call brings it all! From research and development to complex custom valve design, we are ready to help you retain more profits.

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No Matter How Big or Small

Already worked with companies of all sizes

We understand that small entrepreneurs may need a little extra time and a helping hand to fully explore their options. FCV has experienced success in previous cases, which is truly inspiring and shows what you can achieve for your products, brand, and bottom line.

"Found the service to be very good indeed. Rosa helped me through with the process from start to finish with a fair quote and up to date information on the order. A positive experience."

Wholesaler - United Kingdom

"You are so helpful!! Thank you! I really appreciate you working with me helping me get a good price.Looking forward to the next cooperation."

Retailer - Germany

Valve liquid pressure testing equipment

Our Factory

We have supporting factory equipment and experienced employees in all aspects of casting, processing, and testing.

All our valves and Penstock are in our Chinese factory. Our factory in China ranges from a professional design team to a modern valve production line. We have supporting plant equipment and experienced staff in every link from casting, processing, and testing.

FCV provides a set of eye-catching turnkey solutions that can meet your individual needs by using advanced molding and factory equipment.

With our ISO-certified factories and production machines, we can help you build and retain more profits by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

The TrendsLab

Innovative Valve Design Center

Company has the largest valve testing base in the country and has the ability and conditions to continuously develop new products and develop valves that meet the special requirements of users.

We have developed a unique structure and dedicated resources to enable innovation to flourish throughout the company. Our core innovation team will develop ideas based on market trends and consumer needs, and focus on developing new products based on customer needs.

All above, is a strong history of growth

Since 1935, our company has transformed into a true valve production giant. In the past 80 years, FCV has grown into a leader in China’s large-diameter, medium, and low-pressure valve industry. We look forward to the next milestone.