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How to correctly select the check valve

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Table of Contents

Butterfly check valve

Know the purpose of choosing a check valve?

The purpose and operating environment of the check valve are very important in order to select the correct check valve for your detailed use. It is very common to choose the wrong check valve in the pipeline system. Generally, the check valve should be selected according to the pipe size.

What is the pipeline flow rate?

Know that the flow is the most important, in gallons per minute (GPM), gallons per hour (GPH), if the flow rate of your process is higher than 8 feet per second through the valve, there will be a higher Wear rate. When the flow rate is higher than 8 feet per second, whether it is a rubber valve or a metal valve, wear will cause performance degradation. The faster the flow, the faster the wear of the check valve, which will lead to a shortened life. Knowing the flow rate can help you choose the check valve that best suits your specific requirements.


Tilt check valve


What is the inlet pressure of the check valve?

Knowing the inlet pressure will help determine which type of check valve you need. Do you need a “ball check valve? Do you need a “swing” check valve? Or do you need a silencing check valve? Or is it a flange check valve or a wafer check valve? Deciding which check valve you need depends on the position of the check valve in the pump system.


Check valve castings


What is backpressure?

Backpressure is the pressure difference between inlet and outlet pressure. For example, a valve is installed at the end of a pipe that discharges fluid into a small diameter pipe. When the flow rises, how high will the water above the water surface be? When the water rises above the valve, back pressure occurs. Therefore, according to your detailed use, you should know how much back pressure the check valve needs to accept.


Check valve packing diagram


Is the check valve installed in the medium?

If the check valve is immersed in the medium after installation, this means that there is always back pressure on the valve. In this case, you need to choose a check valve made of the correct material for the immersion condition to fit the wrong check valve into the pipeline system. If your check valve frequently has problems, it may be caused by improper selection. Before purchasing a check valve, please inform the FCV valve of your working conditions and requirements in detail, and our engineers can choose a more suitable check valve for you!


Article from: Global Valve Network

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