Check valve series


  • Nominal diameter: DN50-DN500
  • Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa-10Mpa
  • Flange structure: raised face flange / concave and convex face flange

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Details about Check valve series

The swing check valve is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the GB12236 standard. The pin shaft and the valve clack are connected with a built-in structure, which has excellent performance and more reliable sealing. Products are widely used in pipelines under various working conditions in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power industries.

The lift check valve is suitable for opening and closing devices for controlling connection or cutting off the pipeline medium under various pressures, temperatures and media of medium and small diameter pipelines; relying on the weight of the valve flap and the fluid pressure difference to automatically prevent the fluid from flowing back.

Features :
1. When the medium flows into the valve body from the direction indicated by the arrow of the valve body, the pressure of the medium acts on the valve flap to produce an upward thrust. When the medium thrust is greater than the weight of the valve flap, the valve opens. When the pressure of the medium behind the valve acts on the disc and the weight of the disc itself is greater than the force exerted on the disc by the pressure in front of the valve, the valve is closed to prevent the medium from flowing back.
2. The lift check valve has the advantages of simple structure, reliable action and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in purification equipment, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, textile and other production processes.

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