Four-way butterfly valve


  • Nominal diameter: DN200-1400
  • Nominal pressure: PN0.25-1.0Mpa
  • Applicable medium: water, seawater
  • Flange connection size: GB4216.4-84 (1.0Mpa)
  • Pressure test: GB/T13927-92
  • Material:Duplex Stainless Steel 2205

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Details about Four-way butterfly valve

Purpose: The four-way butterfly valve is suitable for industrial pipelines. As a four-way fluid reversal, it can alternately flush and clean the weeds and sediments in the pipeline without stopping the pump; it can also be used as a seal to control the flow and complete the four valves to control the fluid. The reversing effect of the valve realizes one valve instead of four valves.

Application principle diagram of the four-way valve:

Application principle diagram of four-way valve:


  • This four-way butterfly valve has four channels. When the butterfly plate is turned 90°, it can change the direction of the fluid in the pipeline, so that the debris in the pipeline can be alternately cleaned without stopping the machine. rinse.
  • When it is used in the condenser system of a power plant, due to its convenient reversing operation and frequent flushing of the system, it can significantly improve the vacuum of the system, reduce the number of shutdowns and load limiting, and improve the operating efficiency of the unit; This valve can replace four ordinary valves, so its flow resistance coefficient is smaller. Therefore, this valve is an energy-saving product.
  • The use of this valve can reduce the one-time investment in the project and equipment maintenance costs, and reduce the labor intensity of the operators;
  • The valve’s sealing pair adopts a rubber-to-metal soft sealing structure, which has better sealing performance;
  • The lower part of the valve is equipped with a sweep valve, which can be opened at any time to remove sediment and debris.

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