Non Rising Stem Wedge Double Disk Gate Valve


  • Pressure Rating up to PN16 barg
  • Nominal diameter DN 200 – 2000mm
  • Maximum temperature up to 100° C
  • transmission form : Gear box transmission, motor driven ,manual

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Details about Non Rising Stem Wedge Double Disk Gate Valve

  • The gate valve adopts a double gate design. During the closing process, the gate can automatically adjust the wedge angle of the gate slightly. It is suitable for large diameter and low pressure working conditions and improves the sealing performance under low pressure.
  • The valve has simple structure, convenient operation, superior sealing performance, small flow resistance coefficient (full diameter), and is the best choice for pipeline opening and closing equipment.
  • This gate valve can be divided into handwheel drive, gearbox drive, and electric (electricity is recommended for large diameters).
  • Note that this gate valve cannot be used for regulating flow and emptying.

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