Turbine Inlet Main Valve-Butterfly Valve-FCValves

Butterfly valve or ball valve for water inlet main valve of large size turbine

With the development of society and the vigorous development of clean energy, hydropower projects have become more and more key development projects in the energy field.

Hydropower has a long history. Hydropower uses the drop of water to drive the turbine to rotate to realize energy conversion. In order to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the turbine, a cut-off valve must be set at the inlet of the turbine to control the operation and cut-off of the water flow. This is the turbine inlet main valve. The inlet valve group includes upstream and downstream pipes, expansion joints, bypass valve groups, exhaust valves, etc. For more information, please click this link. Regarding the selection of the main valve of the turbine inlet valve group, we briefly explain our company’s suggestions around this issue.