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Butterfly valve or ball valve for water inlet main valve of large size turbine

With the development of society and the vigorous development of clean energy, hydropower projects have become more and more key development projects in the energy field.

Hydropower has a long history. Hydropower uses the drop of water to drive the turbine to rotate to realize energy conversion. In order to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the turbine, a cut-off valve must be set at the inlet of the turbine to control the operation and cut-off of the water flow. This is the turbine inlet main valve. The inlet valve group includes upstream and downstream pipes, expansion joints, bypass valve groups, exhaust valves, etc. For more information, please click this link. Regarding the selection of the main valve of the turbine inlet valve group, we briefly explain our company’s suggestions around this issue.

FCValve-Micro-resistance slow-closing butterfly check valve-with hydraulic cylinder

Micro-resistance slow-closing butterfly check valve structure and maintenance

Purpose, characteristics, and main performance parameters   Butterfly check valve is suitable for pipelines with a working temperature of ≤ 80℃ and medium are water, which can prevent the pressure rise (water hammer) caused by the reverse flow of the medium and the closing of the reverse flow. Performance Spec Sheet   Principle and structure …

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Metal sealing butterfly valve structure type

The metal sealing butterfly valve uses a double eccentric structure and a special oblique cone elliptical sealing structure, which solves the defect that the sealing surface of the traditional eccentric butterfly valve is still in sliding contact friction at the moment of opening and closing 0°~10°, and realizes the butterfly plate at the moment of …

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Gate valve strength test rising rod WCB material 150LB-FCValves

How to choose the material of the valves in the ammonium phosphate solution pipeline

Summary The results of macro and micromorphology and metallographic structure analysis of SS304 gate valve used for leakage of ammonium phosphate solution using metallographic microscope and scanning electron microscope are introduced, and the use of photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and The NHO analyzer analyzes the gate valve material and the composition of the surface deposits. It summarizes the failure modes of the SS304 gate valve used in the ammonium phosphate solution pipeline as corrosion and fouling and points out why the SS316 valve is used in the ammonium phosphate solution pipeline. And put forward the corresponding countermeasures to solve the problem and the technical basis to prevent similar accidents.

Keywords  Gate valve, leakage, failure analysis, fouling, corrosion