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Installation procedure of penstock with embedded steel plate

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Table of Contents

  1. Connect the bolt and the block first, then connect it to the penstock and take the nut with it without locking. Check the position of the penstock with the bolts. Then spot weld the block (one or two points to ensure that the bolt and penstock will not fall down when they are removed).
  2. Remove the nuts and bolts and lift up the penstock. Now the block can be firmly welded on the embedded steel plate. Pay attention to a little welding, not continuous welding, so as to avoid that the block deformation is too large, and the penstock and bolt can not be matched again.)
  3. After welding, lower the penstock and connect the bolt to the screw hole of the block through the penstock in the right position. Then put on the nut (Note: now the nut can’t be locked, just put on some force: it’s for precise adjustment of the penstock)
  4. After the initial installation of the penstock, connect the upper stem and the hoist, and the initial installation of the hoist is the same as that of the penstock.
  5. The penstock is connected with the hoist and the valve stem. After the initial installation, the regulating penstock is opened and closed. After the initial installation, the penstock is opened and closed manually. When there is jamming and interference, the position of the penstock and the hoist is adjusted until the penstock is opened and closed smoothly without jamming.
  6. After accurately adjusting the position of the penstock and the hoist, the secondary concrete pouring is started. The so-called secondary pouring means that the gap between the penstock and the wall is completely sealed with concrete, so is the hoist( Note that the secondary pouring must ensure that the sealing surface of the penstock is not damaged, and the secondary pouring concrete cannot interfere with the opening and closing of the penstock.)
  7. After the secondary pouring concrete is fully strengthened, all connecting nuts shall be locked.
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